Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Form of Liturgical Dance Created by Parousians

Parousians Ryan Hallford and Mary-Grace have shown many of us how to salsa and tango among other forms of sophisticated dance. Now they have taken those skills and applied them towards worship, creating a liturgical dance in the ballroom dancing style.

Asked how he was inspired, Ryan Hallford said, “Over the past year, Mary-Grace and I have really come to enjoy dancing. With our tremendous involvement in the faith, it was inevitable that these two passions should be become merged. However, the liturgical dances that were out there didn’t fit our style.” Here Mary-Grace chimed in, “They do more ballet styles. That would require Ryan to wear tights.” Ryan then explained that being seen in tights would jeopardize his standing as keeper of the Sacred Heart Rectory.

Ryan and Mary-Grace hope to display their new dance soon but gave the Parousian Post a sneak preview with some of their better moves. Among them the “Losing your head in Christ” move

And the “sinful split.”

When Ryan and Mary-Grace do put on a public performance, The Parousian Post will notify everyone.

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Angela Miceli said...

The above picture of Ryan frightens me.