Thursday, September 14, 2006

JPII's Intercession for Beth Reed

The Parousians are continuing to pray for Beth Reed, our 22 year old friend and pentecostal convert who has been suffering from tumors on her brain and near her spine which have caused her to lose her hearing and much of her motor skills. Her husband Joey called me last night with a glimmer of hope. Beth was not raised with a deep love for Pope John Paul II, and her motivations for converting were not centered on his writings or life of holiness. She respected him, but only for the very little she knew about him. On Monday night Beth had a dream where she and Joey were invited to sit at a banquet table next to the late Holy Father. She told him what was wrong and what she was scared of, and he promised to pray for her. This is the first time she has ever dreamt of him. Just a dream or a small consolation, we don't know. But Joey is asking that when we pray for Beth, that we offer our prayers through the intercession of John Paul the Great.

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Ang said...

If anyone knows the meaning of suffering, it is John Paul. I am sure that this dream was his way of letting Beth know that he truly is praying for her. The story gives me chills!! It is a testimony that we truly do participate in the communion of saints. How good is our God!