Friday, April 27, 2007

Exciting Announcements!

Courtesy of Drudge, we now know that Pope Benedict XVI is coming to the US! He will be visiting the UN in New York and speaking there. The dates are still not set but be watching for it. The story is here. New York would make a great Parousian field trip, eh?

However, we have another story to celebrate! Today I received verification that the Parousians have become an official organization at LSU! woohoo! This means we'll get to do lots of cool stuff and receive money from SG (perhaps for a field trip to New York lol). This is pretty good news and has been a while in the making so thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Monday, April 23, 2007

How to defend the faith

How to Defend the Catholic Faith

Really good post by Katerina over at Evangelical Catholicism. The big thing I got from this is not letting the easy attacks provoke but be indifferent. I have too much of what like to call the "St. Michael tendency" which is when someone says something stupid, I want to personally cast them into hell by ripping them apart. But that's not "saintly" at all; love instead is the answer.

Virginia Tech

Fr. Schall on the Virginia Tech Killings

This is a very thoughtful meditation on the impacts of killings at Virginia Tech & all deaths of young people on our faith.