Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Parousians Go Underground

The Parousians went underground Sunday night. No, they didn't burrow down into the earth (though it would have been kinda neat if they had). Instead, they were honored by being guests on the popular podcast, the Catholic underground. Emily Byers and Toby Danna discuss with a worldwide audience the roots and purposes of the Parousians. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out the Catholic Underground's website to listen to some of their other podcasts and their cool merchandise.

Parousian Podcast on Catholic Underground

Catholic Underground

For those of you coming from the Catholic Underground and looking for the recommended columns by Emily Byers, the link can be found right here:

Emily Byers' columns for the Daily Reveille

P.S. For some reason the blog is revolting against me and forced me to type out each of the websites by hand instead of the usual copy and paste. So when you go to each of these links and see how many random numbers and letters are in these addresses, you'll see just how much this blogger loves you all.

Coming back off the break

First of all, congratulations to our brethren at the University of Florida on their dominating win over Ohio State to win the national championship.

To buisness. We apologize for the lack of posts on the blog. Apart from the break itself, we've been preparing a lot for the semester. We plan to kick it off with a contigent from LSU going to the University of Florida and then follow it through with plenty of other new things. BE sure to stayed tuned to the blog as we update you all on our progress as we take this semester as an oppurtunity to take the Parousians to new heights.