Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Interview with De Jesus

I hope there is a video of this later, but scrolling through I found an interview of De Jesus by Glen Beck.

The transcript is here.It's toward the end.

A few gems:

BECK: OK. And it`s weird, Jesus said he was going to come back as a thief in the night, and you`ve been arrested for petty theft. But the band that says, "What would Jesus do?" Let me ask you this, you have a Cartier Pasha watch -- I`m a watch collector -- and it`s encrusted in diamonds. I understand that`s a $142,000 watch. You have a 7 Series BMW, an armored Lexus. You live on $130,000 a year, but they say that you live over your lifestyle and your means. You were arrested for heroin and petty theft. Wouldn`t the question really be, what would Jesus not do?

BECK: Jesus, it`s been good to have you on. It really has. We`re out of time. I wanted to ask if you felt a little ripped off by your birthday being on Christmas or if you get the two presents or not, but thank you very much, and we`ll be back in just a minute.