Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nobel Prize Nominee to Address Parousians Sunday Night at 8pm

Dr. W. A. Krotoski, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., will offer the Parousians his presentation "One Immortal Cell" this Sunday night at 8 pm at Ryan Hallford's house (4463 Tupello St.) Dr. Krotoski was a 1989 Nobel Prize nominee in physiology. He is a co-founder of The Hippocratic Resource, a pro-life organization for health care professionals, and also a member of the Republican Party State Central Committee. "One Immortal Cell" will be a pro-life apologetic dealing with the earliest stages of human life. Its implications will touch current debates over abortion, contraception, and cloning. Dr. Krotoski will be available for questions after the presentation.

Emily Byers' Witnessing Hope Column Tackles Plan B Misinformation, Faulty Logic on When Life Begins

Argument for Plan B has many flaws - Opinion

Parousian Emily Byers offers the strongest pro-life piece ever published in the Reveille. Be sure to follow the link.

Parousian Road Trip to Father Bryce Sibley's Communio Study Circle This Friday Evening

On Friday evening, several Parousians will continue their monthly pilgrimage to the Community of Jesus Christ Crucified in Lafayette, LA. Father Bryce Sibley leads a monthly class on the thought of the former Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. We will leave Christ the King promptly at 4:45 pm to make it to Lafayette for the 6 pm class. Bring money for gas and dinner after the class. Additional drivers may be needed.

Christ the King FPJ to View Crash

From The LSU Catholic:

"The Faith, Peace, and Justice planning committee invites all parishoners to join us Friday, September 8 at 7 pm in the Recreation Room (off the gathering area) to watch one of the USCCB's top ten films of 2005. Crash depicts the lives of a racially mixed group of Los Angeles residents, whose lives intersect in unlikely and redemptive ways. Refreshments will be served."

Father Carville's Fall Bible Study at Christ the King to Focus on the Parables of Jesus

From The LSU Catholic:

"Bible Study for this fall semester will feature The Parables of Jesus. The introductory session will be held in the Borders Room (one of the classrooms above our Center's Offices). Six classes will follow at the same time and place on Mondays, September 18 and 25, and October 9, 16, 23, 30. Fr. Carville will be the facilitator. Texts will be available for the price of $7.00. They can be purchased at the introductory session. You will also need to bring your bible. Both students and adults are welcome."

Weekly Class on Pope Benedict XVI's Writings Offered at Our Lady of Mercy

Beginning this Sunday at 9 am in Our Lady of Mercy's Parish Activity Center, Clare Coulon will be leading a weekly course on the thought of Pope Benedict XVI, the former Joseph Ratzinger. The class will begin with a look at Values in a Time of Upheaval. The Parousians are invited to attend.

Lunch With C. S. Lewis Begins Today, Continues on Wednesdays at 11:30 Throughout Semester

From Drew Rollins, Chaplain of St. Alban's Episcopal Chapel:

"Just a quick reminder that "Lunch With C. S. Lewis" begins at St. Alban's Chapel (the corner of Highland and Dalrymple) Sept. 6 at 11:30. We'll have lunch from Jason's Deli all ready for you. No charge.

Free copies of The Business of Heaven, a collection of daily readings from C. S. Lewis, is available at the chapel. We'll be using the readings from the previous week as our jumping off point.

We plan to talk about "Theology: The Science of God" (pp. 226 - 228). . . and whatever else in on your minds.

Bring a friend!"

Drew was quite hospitable, allowing a horde of Catholics to come take free copies of The Business of Heaven after mass let out last Wednesday. Catholic convert/ apologist/ philosopher Peter Kreeft identified love of Lewis as solid ecumenical ground when he appeared at Christ the King during the 2005 Veritas conference. Let's be supportive of this worthy endeavor.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Update on Beth Reed - Prayers Still Needed!

Many people have been asking questions about Joey and Beth Reed. The couple had been at the front of my mind when we began looking into the possibilities of a Parousians group at UL-Lafayette. Over the summer, Beth's health began to worsen, she learned she has a genetic condition that causes tumors growth. With three brain tumors and several more near her spine, Beth has lost her hearing and much of her lower body functions. In recent weeks, her motor skills in her hands, her speech, and her ability to see objects in the distance have slipped. She was hospitalized following seizures Friday.

Doctors had successfully removed two tumors from her spine last month, and they have pushed up surgery to remove one of the brain tumors to the week of September 17.

I visited Joey and Beth this weekend. Beth, obviously in tremendous pain, is still a beautiful 22-year-old girl with a sharp wit. She is putting up one hell of a fight, never crying because she trusts in God. Joey is beginning his second year as a religion teacher at St. Edmund in Eunice, and he is doing everything he can to be a rock for both his wife and his students. Please continue to remember them in your prayers.