Friday, October 27, 2006

Archbishop Alfred Hughes Reiterates Calling God's Love "Unconditional" Is Misleading

Unconditional Love

"It is true that God’s love is faithful no matter what we do. Our actions, however, can separate us from God in this world and in the next. The love of God does not dwell within us when we have separated ourselves by mortal sin. His love continues in faithful pursuit of us, inviting us to conversion and the acceptance of his love."

Archbishop Alfred Hughes on the Perils of Wealth

Jesus begs us: “Do not go away sad!”

" . . .(A)ll too often, wealth leads to an attitude of self-sufficiency that soon replaces God with self. Wealth can delude us into a false sense of power over our lives. Moreover, the pursuit of financial autonomy easily becomes a pursuit of moral autonomy. Hurricane Katrina should have shaken us from any illusion about self-sufficiency. We who lost so much and even the control over so many aspects of our lives have had a lesson to learn: the good (and happiness) is related to much more intangible realities: God, life, faith, friendship, support, hope, love."

Archbishop Jose Gomez on Loving God

The challenge of loving God above all things

"Loving God above all things means, striving for holiness in daily life and in all regards. Because it is not only words that show that we love God, but good deeds performed during our entire life. The Servant of God John Paul II enjoyed repeating that “the ‘yes’ that Mary gives the Creator is a ‘yes’ to the human person;” that is, loving God above all things is not something that we do against our human nature, but, on the contrary, it enhances our human dignity and brings happiness to our life."

Daily Reveille's pro-abortion columns

The Daily Reveille has published the pro-abortion response in its edition today. Columnist Shanelle Matthews and a letter to the editor both accuse Parousian Emily Byers and the pro-life cause of butting into the personal affairs of women.

Shanelle Matthews: "Some Things Just Aren't Your Business"

Letters to the Editor: "Columnist 'Missed the Mark'"

Once again, if you have the oppurtunity to comment on either one of these boards or to write a letter into the Daily Reveille refuting either one of these responses then we encourage you to do so.

Meeting on Sunday

This Sunday we will cease drawing upon the generous hospitality of Mary Grace, Fay Thibodeaux, and Sarah Berard and return to Ryan Halford's residence. The presentation will be given by Michael Denton, and it will be given on themes of the Crucifixion, Persecution, and the Eucharist as presented in Bishop Fulton J. Sheen's famous work "Life of Christ." The meeting will begin at 8 o'clock. Ryan Halford's address is 4463 Tupello Street, and for directions call (504) 952-0247.

Reaction to Emily's Column

The reaction to Parousian Emily Byers' column on Wednesday has been enormous judging by the traffic on the Reveille's website. The reaction from the pro-choice had been at best misinformed and at worst nasty and mean, and the Parousians would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to defend Emily and the pro-life position. We would like to ask everyone for their continued support on this comments page so that the pro-life position can continue to be defended well.

Comments on Emily Byers' Article Against the Human Toll of Abortion

If you have not yet had the oppurtunity to read the Emily's column itself, we invite you to do so.

Abortion is 'America's holocaust'

Mark Shea Recognizes the Parousians and Emily Byers

Preemminent Catholic blogger Mark Shea has once again honored the Parousians and Parousian Emily Byers by calling attention to her recent article on abortion. The Parousians, contacting from their rainy and swampy secret base, would like to again thank Mark Shea for recognizing our humble alien civilization.

Mark Shea Recognizes the Advanced Alien Civilization Known as the Parousians

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Parousian Emily Byers on the American Holocaust

Abortion is 'America's holocaust'

Parousian Emily Byers continues her debate with Planned Parenthood.

Wednesday Audience

From Founding Parousian Member Caleb Bernacchio:

Today's Wednesday Audience focused on the Apostle Paul. Pope Benedict said that St Paul had been called the 13th Apostle, as he had been received the call after Christ's Ascension. Noting that Paul had been a staunch opponent to the Gospel, Benedict said that this all changed after he had a personal encounter with the Risen Lord. The Holy Father said that St Paul teaches us to keep focused on the center, to see and judge all things in the context of Christ, God's reconciling Love.

In St Paul's life this was demonstrated through his steadfast preaching of the Gospel, a task which brought him all over the Roman Empire and most of in his martyrdom in Rome, in which he testified to Christ with his life.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Silence and Contemplation

From Founding Parousian Caleb Bernacchio:

On Monday, a Mass was said by Cardinal Zenon at St Peter's for students of the Pontifical Universities. Opening with the Veni Creator Spiritus, it was a solemn mass that emphasized that God was the interior teacher, as St Augustine liked to say.

In his homily Cardinal Zenon, in the light of the Gospel reading from Luke, asked everyone to consider the motivation behind their studies, and likewise, to remember that we should strive to be rich in front of God.

After Mass Pope Benedict processed into St Peter's. I was sitting in the very back row, next to the barrier where the Holy Father was walking in. The Pope, as Peter's successor, carries with himself a palpable sense of the unity of the entire Church. He is obviously a very a holy man, but this is in a sense overshadowed by the Office that he fulfills. I was able to shake the Holy Father's hand as he processed towards the altar.

In his address, Benedict said that students of theology cannot study God as if he was some object, something outside of ourselves, like we would study chemical engineering, or something of that sort. But rather, that God must not be separated from us when we seek to understand our Faith, that theology cannot be merely an academic enterprise, but instead it must one dimension of our efforts to be holy as God is holy.

He said that in today's world many things are said, but that sometimes silence and contemplation are best. In this way, when we are silent, we can contemplate the face of Christ and listen to what he has to say.

Parousian Michael Denton Rebuts Vox

Parousian Michael Denton's response to the letter from Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood was published in the Daily Reveille.

Vox did little to combat Byers' arguments

New Student Speaker Format in Effect

Important Announcement: The Parousians are changing their student speaker format. In an effort to bring more time efficiency and order to the meetings we will be structuring the student presentations as follows: 30 minutes will be set for the presentation and 30 minutes will be set for a discussion. We are committed 100 percent to this new policy as it will consistently set an operating time to accommodate the busy schedules that many of us endure. Also, the focus on discussion is to encourage more dialogue and exchange of ideas which is one of the primary aims of the Parousians: to encourage dialogue in the academy. Everyone has insight to offer and this new structure hopes to allow for more opportunity for people to participate in discussion.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Crucifixion, Eucharist, and Sheen on the Life of Christ

This Sunday: Looking forward to next Sunday's presentation Michael Denton will present on the Crucifixion and Eucharist drawing on themes from the Life of Christ by Fulton J. Sheen. This presentation will return to our usual meeting place, 4463 Tupello Street residence of Ryan Hallford. For directions call (504) 952-0247. We would like to thank Mary Grace, Fay Thibodeaux, and Sarah Berard who kindly hosted the Parousians for the last few meetings in light of a malfunctioning A/C unit at our normal meeting place.

DEVELOPING STORY: Parousian Luke Ordogne Confirms Caleb-Pope Handshake

Parousian Luke Ordogne states:
"I just got an email from Caleb, and this is what it said:


Guess what I did today?

I shook Pope Benedict's hand.'"

Ordogne did not forward the e-mail. Direct confirmation from founding Parousian Caleb Bernacchio has not yet been received at the Parousians' home office, and he remains unavailable for comment. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

BREAKING NEWS: Caleb Bernacchio Shakes Pope Benedict's Hand

Reliable sources report to the Parousian Post that founding Parousian Caleb Bernacchio has shook Pope Benedict's hand. Stay tuned to this blog for more details as we receive them.