Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Parousian Leadership and Expansion

Many of you may be aware of groups at University of Florida and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette joining the original Parousians of LSU. Indiana University has a Parousians group in the works. We are constantly pushing to network like minded Catholic scholars with a sacramental vision. The Parousians are growing, and that means taking on formal structure to ensure stability and continuity as we grow. Be certain that it does not mean we will ever quit being what brought us together in the first place: a community of friends united in militant charity and fidelity to Truth.

The Parousians see an importance in having local groups at different schools manage their own affairs while having a central leadership structure maintain the original vision of the group, pool resources for intercampus events, promote expansion onto other campuses, and seek new opportunities to evangelize the academy at large.

The Parousian Leadership Council will serve the big picture needs of our growing group. The Parousian Leadership Council is Toby Danna, Ryan Hallford, Caleb Bernacchio, Emily Byers, Angela Miceli, Will Newman, and Paul Catalanatto.

The Parousian Guard will continue to manage all the details of the LSU chapter, as will emerging Parousian Guards at other campuses. The LSU Parousians, having a small abundance of resources, realizes its incredible responsibility to help the new Parousians as they form their chapters.

If you do not know these people, you will learn more about them in the coming year. Please pray for all of the Parousians as we continue this work.