Monday, April 23, 2007

How to defend the faith

How to Defend the Catholic Faith

Really good post by Katerina over at Evangelical Catholicism. The big thing I got from this is not letting the easy attacks provoke but be indifferent. I have too much of what like to call the "St. Michael tendency" which is when someone says something stupid, I want to personally cast them into hell by ripping them apart. But that's not "saintly" at all; love instead is the answer.


Katerina Marie said...

Thanks for the link!

It's not only about being indifferent, because sometimes we can make a difference if we approach the problem correctly and if the circumstances are proper... if the attacks are constant and by the same person, by all means, don't worry about it, but if you can, try to find out the root cause of that person's bitterness against Catholicism and you'll find out that they are usually completely wrong or have been misled!

Thanks again,

Jason LaLonde said...

I saw that, too. Good stuff.