Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Great Showing By the Parousians

Our own Angela Miceli was invited to participate in a panel tonight entitled "Women in Religion." In short, she was supposed to discuss how it is to be a Roman Catholic woman. Other panelists included a Sunni Muslim, an Atheist, and a Wiccan/Buddhist/Unitarian (and no, that's not a joke. She's a Wiccan who loves Buddhist dancing and incorporates it into her spirituality which she uses as a professional youth minister in the Unitarian Church).

This event was sponsored by W.O.W., Women Organizing Women, a very feminist group. As a result, we knew Angela would face some opposition at the panel so we endeavored to try to get as many Catholics to come and support her. We've had success with this already this year, successfully matching VOX (the campus chapter of Planned Parenthood which is incidentally run by the same person) person for person. e

Not only did we duplicate that result, we exceeded it. The room count was, including the Atheist and Unitarian, 11 people against Catholicism. This did include 2 Protestants, so WOW only got about 9 of their people there. We had 15. So that's 6 more people then WOW could get and 4 more people overall in the room. That's assuming some of the people I didn't know were in fact not Catholic.

So the panel started and Angela did not fail to impress the now home crowd. She was obviously the best prepared and most consistent speaker there. A few Parousians asked really intelligent questions to the panel. To be frank, the panel doesn't flow without us there.

This is exactly what we want to do by engaging the community. We helped make the dialogue richer by adding to it the truth of the Catholic faith. We hope to be able to put on some panels of our own next year.

Once again, I was very impressed with the LSU Parousians. Thanks to everyone who managed to come out. Thanks to Mary-Grace & Emily specifically for helping to tell us about the event and inviting people to make sure that we had the turnout we did. And special thanks to Angela and everyone who helped her this week for putting on an incredible defense of the faith.


Anonymous said...

What denomination, if any, does the leader of WOW and VOX claim? Its kind of disconcerting because I was confirmed in the Catholic church with her about five years ago.

Michael R. Denton said...

Good question. I looked her up on facebook and there was no sign of any religious affiliation. She didn't speak during the panel so it's difficult to tell. It is sad to hear that she may have falled away from the faith.