Thursday, February 22, 2007

Response to Emily's Abstinence Column

Last week Emily wrote a column denouncing programs that teach contraception. Because the Daily Reveille likes to publish lengthy rebuttals to anything Emily writes, today next to Emily's column we have the misfortune of reading a response piece put out by a women's studies major. If you have the time, please respond to this piece

Response Piece to Emily's Abstinence Column.


laura lynn said...

You say "women's studies major" like her ideas are requisite of the field!

Michael R. Denton said...

I hadn't meant it like that. I was trying to figure out how to refer to the girl when I wrote the post, b/c she's not a columnist, she doesn't claim affiliation with Planned Parenthood or VOX or anyone like that in her letter, she's only a women's studies and sociology major who exceeded the Reveille's 400 word limit and was punished for it by having her letter made a feature column.

But you're right, women's studies does not neccessarily incorporate the ideas that Ms. Hebert represents. Sorry for the screw-up.

laura lynn said...

She's the founder of the now-defunct PARLE, which is a pro-choice group on campus that later joined up with Planned Parenthood and became VOX.

Anyway, no worries, Michael. I just like to play the antagonist sometimes, especially when it comes to language issues.

Jason LaLonde said...

I think her ideas are representative of the field. Don't let her push you around, Michael.